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Our story so far.

Meet Our Team

Our Founder

Healthy Bunch grew out of a desire to sell real, research-backed supplements.

Our founder, Michael, spent years trying to combat anxiety. When prescriptions medications failed him, he turned to the supplement market. It turned out that almost every brand out there was selling the same formulation which had little research to support their claims. This is not okay.

Appalled at what he found, he began doing his own research on ingredients that had real, clinical research behind them showing their efficacy. From there, he spent the next year formulating the first Healthy Bunch product, re:balance.

After receiving overwhelming positive feedback, he decided it was time to put that same energy and research into more all-natural products that could be of value to others.

Our Mission

We don’t do fillers.

At Healthy Bunch, we bring you research-supported supplements only. There is no snake oil here. Every supplement we sell contains clinical doses of quality ingredients. We don’t do fillers and…

We don’t sell hype.

We believe in selling products that are research-backed and clinically supported. Education is paramount and we share with you all of the research we use to develop our supplements. No hype and no magic here.

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